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Blogger, Writer, Author- Which One are You

The question is, are you any of the three, or areyou all three, or maybe your just one or

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two. Recently a friend wrote a post blog post about the world of blogging andwriting. My question to him was, does being a blogger automatically make youwriter, does being a writer mean you are an author? His response was a good one and pretty much to the point, which I have no argument with, however I feel the topic is worthy of further discussion.

Let me start with my own history, I am a blogger first, and foremost, personally I do not believe that makes me a writer, I have over a thousand blogs in my portfolio of writing, but  I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination that I am a writer, and certainly not an author. In my humble opinion I believe that with each step comes a certain amount of responsibility to ones audience, as well the craft or art if you will.

Lets take a look at all three individually:

Bloggers, how many are there now, just about every body and their brother claims to be a blogger these days, sitting down and putting pen to paper so to speak does in fact make one a blogger, whether that you makes one a good blogger, or a well read blogger is another story. I think blogging is the first stage in the “writing” world, it is where most today get there taste for putting thoughts into words. I have read some awesome blogs by wonderful writers, however I have read some poorly written blogs as well. Good or bad it doesn’t change the fact that one is blogging.


I think being a writer is a whole next step in the process, in time a good blogger becomes a writer simply by the act of continuing to express thoughts through words. As with most things, when one continues they want to, and seek out ways to improve what they are doing. Blogging is no different. Again, being a writer does not default you into a good writer, there are some great writers putting out some awesome material and then there are writers that will just never hone the craft.

Lastly, lets talk about being an  Author:

When talking about being an author it takes on a whole different context. Author infers that your work has been published, whether it be an article in a local mag, newspaper, or a whole book, being published simply puts you in a different space than the other two categories. Those that have been through the process of getting ones work published knows the ordeal that encompasses.

So where do you place yourself, what are your thoughts about whether you are a blogger, writer, or author? I think wherever you place yourself in the mix, you should keep going, keep learning, look for that voice inside you that you are working to get out. If it wasn’t there you wouldn’t be writing in the first place. Go with it…

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